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Our company is committed to providing you with only the best quality services and to achieve that we incorporate our F.U.E.L rules which mean all are graphics are Functional, Uniform, Exciting, and Long lasting. We believe that graphics and imagery play an imperative role in building a brand and work towards innovation and creation while moving towards your vision.

No matter who you are or where you come for, our team of experts will create and innovate until you are satisfied and offer a wide array of services to suit your requirements. We at Manish designs understand the importance of graphics and designs to a business and the role it plays in growth and is committed to providing high quality and customized services. Our services in the field of branding and imaging design include the following:

  • Cover Page Designing 
  • Logo Designing
  • Logo Cleanup
  • Stationery Designing
  • Magazine Layouts
  • Outdoor and Signage Hoarding Design
  • Flyer Designing
  • Catalog Designing
  • Banner / Poster Designing
  • Advertisement Designing
  • Social Media Post
  • Label Designing
  • Brand Identity Designing
  • Infographic Designing
  • Business Card Designing
  • ID Card Designing
  • Concept Designing
  • Newspaper Advertisement Designing
  • T-Shirt Designing
  • Package designing.

Photo Editing Services

Photo Editing and retouching have become a very common practice today in the world of online advertising, commercial shoots, or even magazines. We understand your needs and specifications and provide professional photo editing and retouching services to help you perfect everything. Our team of experts along with our modern technology enables you to get the perfect look with a natural finish.  You can count on us to take charge of a wide array of services including culling, cropping, background removal, skin enhancement, virtual makeup application, shape correction, and many more. Our cutting edge technology provides for the best quality of photo editing with attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest. With high quality, customization, and quick turnaround time, we deliver unlike no one else. We also offer a range of professional photo enhancement services to suit your particular requirement backed with round the clock customer support services. We believe that by understanding our customers better, we can deliver services more efficiently, and hence you can get in touch with us at any time to request a professional photo retouching service, change instructions, or for any other query. Our list of services include:

Image Editing
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Image Resizing and Enhancing
  • Real Estate Photo Editing
  • Photo Restoration Services
  • Image Clipping Services
  • B/W to Color
  • Stock Photo Retouching
  • Product Photo Retouching
  • Wedding Photo Retouching
  • Motion Poster
  • Digital Photo Collage or Montage Creation
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Product Image Editing
  • Ghost/Invisible Mannequins Effect
  • Background Removal & Replacement
  • Removal of Unwanted Objects

Video Editing & Motion Graphic Design Services

Video editing and Motion graphics are some of the core services that we offer to our customers. From video creation to infographics and animations, we offer just about everything. We understand the importance of video depictions and help you create customized content for your website/ social media account or any other platform. We offer a wide array of video production services to suit your individual needs. Some of the video production and creation services include corporate profile, product videos, whiteboard animation, explainer videos, TV commercials, social media videos, website videos, online marketing videos among several others. Right from designing e-catalogs to creating professional product presentation, our services cover it all. We believe in providing high-quality services that are tailored to suit your preference. We also offer Other options such as Intros/Outros, Typographic/Infographic videos for your brand. Our range of services include:

video editing & graphic-design-services
Video Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Advertisement Film making
  • E-Catalog
  • Documentary Film making
  • Explainer Videos
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Motion Posters
  • Logo/Title Animation
  • Intro/Outro
  • Infographic / Typographic Videos
  • Video Size Optimization
  • Videos for all Social Media Platforms
  • Videos for Websites
  • Business Profiles
  • Promotion Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Invitational Video
  • Teasers/Trailers

Sports Video Analysis

As opposed to before, video analysis is no longer restricted to just cricket. Our technology allows us to create an analysis of any sport vide recorded using even a regular smartphone making it all the more simple. All one has to do is send in a video that they have captured with their smartphone and we will send a complete analysis back to you. Manish designs has a team of BCCI Certified professionals having experience of more than 12 years. Our Services facilitate analysis consisting of motion tracking and video analysis. The platform is meant to help players, enthusiasts, coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, and improve their overall game performance.

Our team, with the assistance of our cutting edge technology, provide accurate and realistic analysis. Our mission is to help athletes by providing them with accurate and scientific data analysis. Some of our services include Basic Batting and Bowling Video Analysis, STRO-Motion Technology, Simul-Cam Analysis, Overlay Data & Drawings, Angle & Motion Tracking, Distance, Speed, Angle & Time Analysis. Our services have in the past been very accurate with great feedback from our customers. Our services include:

  • Basic batting/bowling / wicket-keeping analysis
  • Stro-motion technique
  • Overlay data & drawings
  • Simul-cam analysis (different angles)
  • Side-by-Side Analysis
  • Angle & Motion Tracking
  • Distance, Speed, Angle & Time tools analysis

Digital Marketing

Develop a Strategy for Succeeding Online

Digital marketing has seen a notable rush in the recent years. Contrary to old days, it is no longer wise to avoid the scope of internet marketing. Several famous brands who had ruled out internet marketing are today spending a fortune to secure a position in the online platform. You need a strategy to gain and conserve customers’ attention on the internet. We definitely, can help you !

Develop Strategy to build leads
shoppable video ads
Instagram Stories

Drive High Quality Traffic

We can help you attract and engage thousands of visitors into your brand’s digital platforms. The more the number of potential customers, higher is the probability of selling.
We know how to pop the needy customers and attract their traffic.

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Increase Conversions and Customer Retention

Your Internet Marketing Agency should be just like your prime sales person – cloned several times. Good sales people socialize with potential customers on a personal level. They sense the customer’s demand and propose the best solution to meet those requirements. has a proven track record of doing exactly that in the internet.


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